by Megan Diana

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released October 3, 2016

All words and music by Megan Diana © 2016



all rights reserved


Megan Diana Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Settler
Hey Settler coming straight for my land
you think you know what's best
there were people already here
now there's nothing left
It started with the one
It started with a son
all is said and done
all of it is gone

Hey you coming into my head
so many games you can play
I was rich with so many things
you took it all away

It started with the one
and then he brought a gun
and now I know noone
All that's mine is gone

Hey You coming into my heart
I can't even see you there
You have to breath if you wanna survive
but now you're in the air

it started with the one
and then he brought everyone
you can't undo what's done
all that's inside me ain't gone
Track Name: Waltz
What you say
what you do
sometimes ain't true
I could lie at any time
so could you

people come people go
sometimes I care
what would happen if I left
do I dare?

come along go ahead
do your best
I focus on what's in front of me
so I can't see the rest

If you pull away the wool
I might get cold
but is the truth more important than
stories you are told

what would happen if I go
I think you know

what would happen if I don't
you're alive and then no

What I am
Who you are
I could die at anytime
so could you

Life it only happens once
then you pass through
if you run from yourself
who do you run to?

Things to forget
things to feel
I can't just sit still
Is it a lot when I say

I hear I speak I sing
my arms are free
All I know now is there's no guarantee

What would happen if I go?
I think I know
What would happen if I don't?
You're alive and then not

What would happen if I go?
Would you stay my love
What would happen if I don't
Would you stay my love
Track Name: Stopping to Start
Walking down the street at night alone with you
see it deep inside a dream i fall into
do you remember what it was they used to do
always feel it in my mind cutting thru

stop and see
pictures of me
working so hard
stopping to start

fly across the air to where i used to live
took that trip alone and then i was with him
walk into the sea and push it all in two
water cold and deep and glass to see into

i hid a few
pictures of you
boy so small
i'm keeping it all


walking down the street tonight but not with you
like i'm in a dream a thought i always knew
and life is not enough if i can't live with you
i know the way it seems i'd never lie to you

do you believe
feelings this deep
i thought knew
what you would do

stop and start
working so hard
start to believe
believe in me
start to believe
before I leave